Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Moon....

Yup, I'm still alive and well and in pursuit of that next shot...

It's been a wonderfully busy month. Getting prints done and framed for a client, working at the Weare old home day, and watching the summer wind down...Summer has gone much to quickly as always. Sue and I really had a blast at Cold Springs this summer. Met some great people and made many new friends. We only have 6 weeks left and then it's back to Gilford.
I rented a Canon 100-400 lens for the week from I was thinking of buying one but I'm torn between that and a 70-200. A guy at Hunts Camera said I should try renting first. So I did that for the week. If, you are ever in the same situation, it may pay to rent first. Very inexpensive. Still haven't decided yet. Think I need to rent the other one first before making my decision.
Anyway, I've been trying out this lens all week (And loving the heavy thing). I was out at the pond on the 31st, trying to get the shot of the Blue Moon (2nd full Moon of the month), when a bunch of boys came by to check out what I was doing. They seemed very inquisitive, and I promised to post a pic from that shoot. So, here's my Blue Moon...

F/8; 1/160s; ISO 100; 400mm
WB: Tungsten
(ok, and a hint of blue in Photoshop)

Ok, there you go guys. Enjoyed talking to you, and sorry I didn't get your names.

And here's another, just plain natural...

I'll post some other pics from the new lens once I get a chance to view the results myself.
Happy Labor Day!


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