Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where's Em?

Keep reading... you just may find me.

Yeah, I know I keep promising to blog more, but I tell you it has been a busy month...The whirlwind started on the day before my birthday (4/27). Had some of the kids over for dinner. One of the things I got was this awesome birthday card that Ashley made for me....

And so began the month of indulgence...Lots of food and drink..

Next stop was a weekend trip down to Provincetown, MA. with my wife, and mom  to visit my brother John. He is a master craftsman down there. (check out his work at, or on face book (Studs and More). I hadn't had a chance to see his work up close and in person before, so I was happy for the opportunity.  Sorry to say I only got a pic of this gorgeous ceiling he was building in a cottage,

and this one of some custom cabinets he was building.

Great work! So proud of John. I also got to hear him sing karioke at the Governor Bradford. Never heard him sing before, so when I heard him, I thought "That can't be him. Must be some effects in the microphone". Nope, because the next person sucked...So it was his voice, and I was totally blown away. Wow.

So, we had a good couple of days visiting. Stayed at the John Randall House Bed and breakfast. Great bunch of people there. I highly recommend it if you ever go. Clean and cozy place. Many thanks to the manager Bob for his hospitality.

Here are a bunch of pics from the weekend.

The "Post Office". Great place for lunch

Also ate at Bayside Betsy's. Good food there!

Town Hall. The architecture and design in this town is beautiful

Long Point Lighthouse

This was a hood ornament.
A squirrel with a real dead rodent in it's mouth
Takes all types!

The Library, taken early one morning
from the end of the pier.
I was up a couple mornings at 5:30 to try and catch the sunrise.
Too cloudy to get a decent pic. But I did get bronchitus. Boo.

Lots of fishing vessels. Love this shot.

Up on one of the dunes at Herring Cove.
There were whales swimming in the cove, but I couldn't get a shot. 

At Race Point Beach (c-c-c-cold)

at Race Point Beach (Deb Bell, Sue Swanson, John Swanson)

Sunset at Herring Cove
Took pics of 2 couples there. They saw a photographer
and asked if I would mind taking their picture.....
Glad I could record a great memory for them.

Shot of the moon from Herring Cove

Race Point Lighthouse from Herring Cove

The Pilgrim Monument
Great museum there. Unfortunately, the tower
was closed that day. Was opening the next day
for the summer. Bummer.
My brother did the floor of the museum! Great job!

Pilgrim monument

Bleeding Hearts

The Public Library

An artist's shack I found on a morning walk

You found me!

Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend. My brother showed us a great time. I had an awesome birthday, and so glad we had a chance to go visit. We'll be going back!

Next up? Working on shots from our vacation in Austin TX.. Hopefully I won't make you wait another month for that.



  1. Ahhh glad to see you're back! Great shots! <3

  2. Thanks! Gonna take a month to go thru the Austin pics!