Sunday, June 17, 2012


Been reading a lot lately. Mostly photography business books and techniques, as well as that Steve Jobs book, and listening to the Girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy audio books in my car. Good books are easy for me that way. I can listen to the audio for my 1/2 hr ride on a Friday, and pick it up again on Monday. Or I can read 2 pages of a book late at night on my kindle, fall asleep, and pick right up the next night as if I'd never put it down.
Good friendships are that way too. It's tough when people grow up and everyone goes on with their own lives, moves away, etc. There is a loss for sure, but many times you're too busy with your own life's events to dwell for long. Anyway, good friendships are like those good books. You may not keep in touch for years. But then if you do get the opportunity to pick it up again, it's as if you saw each other yesterday. Just continuing on with the next chapter, or conversation. I posted this picture on fb the other day. It was just a random shot of some wild flowers near the campground that Sue and I are at for the summer. I posted it as a way to brighten everyone's day. A huge part of my passion for photography is the connection you can make to people and the emotion that you can possibly create for them.

Russ, an old college buddy, messaged me "Awesome pic Em". Now, I saw Russ a year or so ago, prior to which was about 20 years earlier.  We were just 2 victims of the "life getting in the way of things" stage. But that comment made my day, and reminded me that good friends (and family for that matter) never go away. The connection is open and conversations continue as if they never stopped. Hey Russ, you're like a good book! But mostly, a really good friend.

On another note, it's father's day. Thinking of my dad, and step father, and father-in-law who are gone.... :-(


But on a lighter note, it is father's day and I have wonderful kids who I am crazily proud of. And while we won't all get a chance to be together today, it doesn't matter. We're all connected and it will be as if we were together yesterday. Love you guys! (I will see one of them today, and I'm going to whip his butt at golf!)
And right now, I'm sitting outside drinking my "Jamaica Me Crazy", looking at the beautiful trees, while chipmunks scamper back and forth across the yard. Gonna be a great day. Life is indeed good!

Have a wonderful day people...


  1. Love this post! Happy fathers day! xoxo - your baby girl :)

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Miss you tons!

      Your Proud Poppa