Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011-11-30: In search of Christmas Cards..

One thing I sell at my Art fair showings is greeting cards. And I must admit they are quite popular. I might add that it is handy to have a full stock around the house whenever a holiday or birthday comes around. I rarely buy a store bought card anymore. For the last month, I've been trying to find a Christmas card to 1) send out to my family and friends, and 2) to sell at the fair. I guess I wasn't thinking ahead last year and didn't take any card-worthy shots for this year. Darn. So I've been looking forward to seeing something while I've been out and about. Something I could print in time for the fair. I went out at lunch time today and saw a grungy tree lot at the out of business gas station..Saw lots of decorations at Home Depot...Nothing card worthy...With 3 days til the fair, I think I'm going to be out of luck. There's no snow and houses aren't decorated yet. Well, there probably are some where people haven't taken them down from last year. Nah... Maybe I'll have to decorate the house tonite...Nah. Hate to say it...But we need some snow...Well, at least till I get some good shots. In the meantime, my buddy John set up his desk tree yesterday, and that has put me in the Christmas spirit.

Hopefully I'll get some winter scenes soon, or you may be getting some pictures of boats and flowers for your Christmas card. Or maybe I'll skip this year and mail them out for next year. We'll see!

p.s. 1 more month of Project 365! Woo hoo!

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