Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011-11-23: Snow! *Groan*...

Lowes was coming this morning to deliver our new fridge. But we had a winter storm due overnight, so I planned on getting up early and shovelling. Well, I woke up at 6:30 to find that the power was out. Ug. So I went outside to start working in the sleet. Birch branches were bent all over the driveway. So I didn't think Lowes would get in today...Well by 8:30, the driveway was clear, and by 9:00 the power was back on! And the fridge came at 9:05.Perfect timing! I ended up just taking a vacation day. The weather was lousy and I didn't feel like going to the office. So I stayed home and puttered. Turned out to be a good day. Sue and I watched Horrible Bosses. Funnnnny! I got my photography club newsletter done, finished a rough draft of my slideshow for youtube, and even managed to get out and takes some pics. This one was of a hay wagon up the street with Belknap mountain the the clouds.

What else...Oh Sue made some delicious apple crisp. Yup, a great day. Glad it stormed after all!
Have a great night everybody, and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  1. Awesome shot! Kudos for getting out in the cold to continue taking great photos!