Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011-10-16; The Great Pumpkin Regatta

Had to close up the trailer today. End of season. :-( Boo  But went to the Goffstown Pumpkin festival with Ashley, Tom, and Joey.  Not too exciting a festival from what I saw, except for the Pumpkin Regatta. Contestants build boats out of hollowed out pumpkins (like 800 pound pumpkins) and race them around the river in Goffstown. Meanwhile trying to sink the others with hoses and squirt guns..  I mean these things have trolling motors on them. That was pretty funny.  Here is the Goffstown Fire Department's entry. This guy had a shirt shooter canon on the front to fire shirts to people on the shore. That was cool.

This is something that Laconia should get going every year in the Winnepesaukee River...
Got a busy week coming up, but I'll do my best to keep posting. See ya

p.s. Sue and I were shopping in a local craft shop this weekend, and we got chatting, and they want to see samples of my cards. That would be cool to start selling them in stores. They are now closed til Spring, but I'll start putting something together for them for when they do reopen. I really will have to start contacting other shops during the winter for next Spring...So much to do, so little time...That's what keeps me young...

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