Friday, September 16, 2011

2011-09-16: Heading out...

Sue and I are heading off to Weare today to go camping...Where? No, Weare...Where's on third....Anyway, have to get some more camping in before the snow flies, which could be any day now. I think it was down in the 30's last night and will be for the next couple of nights. Good time for cuddling and drinking....Speaking of drinking, one of my subjects for the scavenger hunt this month was 'Umbrella'...So I mixed myself a cocktail last night for the sole purposes of trying out the lightbox...And voila!


Amaretto, OJ, and Sour Mix =  Amaretto Stone Sour. Yum! Oh, yeah, I had to drink it after the photo shoot.
So, I'm going to pre-post the next couple of days before I head off into the tundra.
Stay warm!

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