Friday, September 2, 2011

2011-09-02: Missing my Bagheads

Taylor and Jeremy left for Austin this morning to start their next adventure. Sue and I are quite sad today. Although they have been away for 5 years in Philly, and only came home for 2 weeks for their wedding, it is still sad. Loved having them home and wish they wouldn't be so far away. But, they've got to make their own experiences and enjoy life while they are young. And they do that. Even though we are happy for them, it's still sad for us. But now we will have a new place to visit!
While they were at the farm this past week with their friends, they found an old photo (1930's?) of some kids in paper bags. So they made some for themselves and went around knocking on their friends doors. It has become a big joke around here. So they've made plans to don their paper bags in front of each state's welcome sign. Here's my bagheads before they set out this morning:

And here they are bag-less.

Can't wait to see the rest of their pics. Miss them and Love them. And pray they have a safe and fun journey.


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