Monday, August 15, 2011

2011-08-15: The Weirs!

Out on special assignment the other night trying to capture some local memorable spots. And you know, sometimes I feel that there really isn't a whole lot around the area. You've got your Belknap Mill. Your train station. Your big old oak. Lake Winnepesaukee. Lakes Opechee. Lake Winnesquam.. Belknap Mountain..What else is there? But I did find this shot that I hadn't captured before.

Had a lot of good times down there with the kids when they were younger. But, now I know why Taylor and Jeremy moved away. There's nothing here! I think I need a change of scenery too. Someday!



  1. when people asked us why we left NH, we always say: It's really an awesome place to raise kids, or go on vacation BUT we really only enjoyed ourselves 2 months of every year.. july and august. I suppose June is alright too, but really it's either buckets of rain for days or butt-loads of snow for months. There's really so much to SEE in NH, but very little to actually DO. So i definitely get where you are coming from, and after all these years I think you are ready for a change of scenery. Especially when everything you enjoy doing is crammed in the 2-3 months where the weather is actually decent.

    come tooo ausssstinnn! ;)