Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011-08-13: Yay Saturday!

Had a good day today, the meds I'm on are already kicking in and my back feels much better today. Enought so that I went our and did some yard work. Only for an hour or so, but I've had to neglect it lately and there was weed-whacking and raking to be done. Anyway, I feel ok, and the yard looks better! So I feel accomplished.
I also went to a couple of yard sales (bought nothing-YAY!), went out on a photo assignment, and stopped to pick up a couple of things for the wedding. And now, ready to watch Battle:Los Angeles..

Anyway, I almost forgot to post today. So here is a shot from the other day, up at the top of Cotton Hill, facing the back of Belknap mountain with a big storm starting to roll in.

I love this scene over the fence, facing the farmhouse in the distance. There was even a horse behind that bush in the middle. But when I moved to try to get a picture, he trotted off. It was too late at night and he was too fast for me to get a clear shot of him moving.

Ok, off to watch my movie now and do some photo processing. Have a good rest-o-the-night.


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