Friday, June 10, 2011

2011-06-10: Happy Friday

Yesterday's mystery flower according to all of the emails I received was a chive. Yes, that is correct, Virginia..A chive. Or at least the flower on top of the chives that grow because no one eats them in our house...So..Why..Do .. we..have..them.. growing..there? Beats me.. Maybe Mario Batali was a previous owner of the house.  Guess it looks pretty. Good enough reason to leave them there..
Ok, I had a rough day...Busy at work, and I'm a little punchy from staying up watching the Bruins, and the Sox, and the Mavericks...ohhhhh.. Must Get Sleep...Eh, plenty of time for that in another life.

Anyway, here is today's mystery flower..Can you guess? It's actually on a tree, for a little hint. You're welcome.

More White Stuff...

F/32; 2s; ISO-100; 5:30am

Alright, see you later. Big thunderstorm happening right now. must go zzzzzzzzzzzzz *ZAP * zzzzzzzzzz

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