Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011-06-02: Motif #1

Last Sunday, after my failed attempts at getting a sunrise shot, Sue and I took a looong drive down to Rockport, Ma. I had been there many years ago, but now with camera always in tow, I wanted to get a shot of Motif #1. The old fishing shack that is the #1 most photographed building in the world. Of course, when we got there, it was high noon. The sun thought that it would be a great time to finally show up for the day and spoil my shots. As we all know, noon on a sunny day is the worst time for shots. Right? Right! But Sue and I had a great day browsing thru the galleries and gift shops, and getting some seafood for lunch. It turned out to be a perfect day (despite the sun!)

Motif #1

F/9; 1/100s; ISO-100

By the way, The Gilford Public Library is hosting our photography clubs' pictures for the month of June. If you're around, you've got to check it out!.

That's all for today folks

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