Monday, April 18, 2011

2011-04-18: I've hit 10 thousand!!!

Yes! 10,000! No, that's not the number of my blog or twitter followers. Or my number of Facebook friends. Nor is it the cash in my wallet...So what is it???? It's the number of pictures I've taken on my Canon Rebel XS since I bought it last October. Yup-I turned over the dial this weekend and started over at image 1.
So here is image  #10K taken yesterday on my short little walk at Salt March Pond in Gilford.
I call it ..

"Now, why did I think it would be a good idea to store my boat right-side-up by the lake all winter?"

Aperture: F/20; Exposure: 1/15s; ISO-100

Not a particularly good shot, but it is a milestone, so that's why it is here.
I wish I had kept my original #1 shot. Would have been fun to compare. Must have been bad because I didn't keep it. And I keep EVERYTHING...It was probably a shot with my lens cap on..I still do that now..ha ha. but yes I keep most of my images. I keep them backed up on an external hard drive. I store them in folders by year, by month, and then by day or event. Such as
My Pictures:
             2011-04-17 Salt Marsh Pond


And I periodically back that hard drive up to another external harddrive. I really should look into also backing up to Carbonite or something. It would kill me if I lost all my work.
Coincidentally, I am now listening to Pandora radio, and a Carbonite ad started...Must be a sign...So I downloaded it and will install it later.

Ok, lunch-time is over...back to work. See you back here tomorrow

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  1. ahaha, at least i know that its not just me with all the storing and filing!