Monday, February 7, 2011

Project 365: 2-7-11; Up on the Roof

Ug. What a day. We started getting some water spots in the living room ceiling. The ice dams on the roof are wreaking havoc on our house. So I took the day off and spent it up on the roof. 6 hours in all today chopping ice and shovelling. My body is aching right now, and if I wasn't so dang exhausted, I'd walk out to the hot tub.

But the good thing about being up there, was what I saw. I heard a quacking in the yard and grabbed my camera (Yes, I had it with me)..There was a duck waddling around the yard. I took a bunch of pics and started quacking. The darn thing flew up to the roof and was 5 feet from me! It stayed there for a few minutes and posed for me. It was very cool!


Aperture: F/14 ; Exposure: 1/80s; ISO: 100; Telephoto Lens

Daffy finally flew off when he realized I had no food for him. Anyway, that's what's happening on my roof.


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  1. So funny! You got lucky with such a great model! Or maybe it was rabid?