Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy June - VACATION!

Been a busy month and 1/2. Spent 10 days at the end of June in Holland Michigan visiting sister-in-law Terri and her fiance Ron. Great people, great times, beautiful place.
Spent some time at their camp, kayaking for hours down the Muskegon River, never could figure out the point of kayaking (probably get the same questions from people wondering why I golf). But it was a blast. Good exercise, very relaxing, and beautiful sights. Saw 3 bald eagles on the river and took tons of pictures. Now I understand kayaking..

Holland was a beautiful city. The town does it up right. Every building is neat and picturesque. Beautiful schools, skateboard parks, bike trails everywhere. The whole town is bike trails! We rode and rode. Loved it!

Spent some time at lake Michigan at the state parks. Hard to believe it was lake water. Looks so much like the ocean.

Michigan was a wonderful place to visit.

On the way home, Sue and I stopped in Niagara Falls. Just breath-taking. Made the hairs on my arms stand up. I could sit and watch the Falls for hours. But we did have to stop at Margaritaville for Cheeseburgers in Paradise and Pina Coladas. Mmm Good. We were in Niagara Falls for Canada Day and Independence Day weekend. Very busy.

Well that takes us thru the end of June and into July. What will the rest of the month bring us? I hope to catch up with the blog soon. Stay tuned.

Stay cool!

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