Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011-12-13: Up on the rooooof...

I have so much going on at work but I took a v-day anyway. I needed to finish up the gutter project before the snow or rain comes. Just needed 1 more day that foolish 2 day weekends don't allow for. Anyway, I got the gutters on. And even put up de-icing wires. Hopefully that will prevent the 2 foot deep ice dams that I had last winter. I like going up on the roof. I've never been afraid of heights at all. Great view up there and it got me all inspired. As a matter of fact, later on in the day, I went out and snapped about 240 pictures of various things that I'm sure will adorn these pages or my website in the coming weeks. But here is a shot of myself taken with my phone from up there.

Sorry Sue. I know you're stomach is probably churning right about now. (She's afraid of heights). But I thought it was cool.
Well I'm glad that chore is done because my knee has just about had it. Going up and down ladders 100 times. Getting another shot of cortisone on Thursday. Hopefully that will get me thru the winter. So that's what I've been UP to. And now, off to work! Come on back tomorrow and find out what sort of trouble I've gotten myself into.
See ya!

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