Monday, December 12, 2011

2011-12-12: Keeping my mind in the gutter.

Got your attention didn't I? Sorry to disappoint but this a clean post. Last Thursday I posted a pic from my flooded basement. The last few days have been spent trying to find out where the water comes in. Found a crack in the bulkhead foundation so I filled it up with that expanding foam in a can ("Great Stuff"). Also found a crack in the foundation where most of the rain falls off the roof. Ug. So, that got me into a new project of putting gutters on the house. Anyway, it was a busy weekend with my mind in the gutter. Not much time for taking photos. As a matter of fact. I don't think I turned my camera on at all yesterday. But, I did have the opportunity to take out my phone when I was sweeping out the garage. Caught a really cool magenta-colored japanese maple leaf on the garage floor.

Took today off so I could finish putting up the gutters and some roof and gutter de-icing wiring. Want to get that all done while it is stll a warm 40 degrees. (well, its 25 degrees at 7:20 right now) May have picked the wrong day to take off. But it's not raining and not snowing yet so I should get it all done. Here's hoping.
Well, that's my post for today. Sue will be happy. She's been after me for slacking off and being late with my posts. So I'm back on track! Yay me...If you need me, I'll be up on the roof..
See you later

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