Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011-12-08: Reflections

I've been meaning to go out on a photowalk and just focus on reflections of things. But I juest haven't had the time this month. I think that next year, once this Project 365 thing is over, I'll concentrate on a certain topic every week. Such as reflections, or coverered bridges, or water, etc. Anyway, as luck would have it, I was able to get a shot of a reflection today. however, it the only luck involved was bad luck. Sue called me at the office today and didn't sound good. Well it's because our basement flooded. Good grief. We sure got a lot of rain last night. But I didn't think that much. We had a couple of inches in spots. My workshop was saturated. The carpet under water. The couches wet. We tried to shop-vac it but it was a real pain lugging a vac full of water up the bulkhead stairs. that killed my bad knees. Then I went and got a sump pump, but that didn't work very good. My ever-faithful son Jordan answered my call and came over for help. What a great guy. He did the hardwork and lugged the buckets of water outside. Didn't know what we would have done without him. It's pretty much vac'd out now. Fans are blowing to dry out the rugs. That should take a year or so. Anyway, while I was vacuuming, I saw a nice reflection in the pump room. Birches were reflected off the puddle on the floor. This was taken with my phone.

So there I go. Wasn't even trying and my reflections project has started. :-( Oh lucky me.
So hitting the hay now. I'm sore and I've got to get up and do Pubmania at Patricks for the Children's auction. Nothing like sitting on a bar stool for an hour at 7am. If you want to donate to the Children's auction., please log onto and select the Bag-o-loot team and enter Emery Swanson as the team member you are sponsoring. I'd sure appreciate it. As would the kids.
Then Sue is going to take over another 12-pack of Photo Cards to the auction that I am donating. Log onto sometime over the next 2 days and try and bid on that card pack. I've got a great selection of Laconia and Gilford scenery. So far I have a Picture that auctioned off for $41 and a 12-pack of cards for $30. Hopefully we can get more on the next batch. I've had great response from the advertising of it!
Ok, have a great one folks.
Em is hitting the hay

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