Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011-12-07: Christmas Cactus

Ok, I think I have some free time tonite, so maybe I'll get some Christmas cards done. What do we have? 2 1/2 weeks? AHHHHHHHHH! Yes, that's tonites task...Hate to say it, but I may actually have to go buy some. Poor planning this year.  We did have a good photography club meeting last night and discussed photographing Christmas lights. Maybe I can stall a couple more days and find some photo-worthy scene. Anyway, I know my wife and possbly others get dismayed when I don't have a shot up on my blog first thing in the morning. So I apologize for being late..But here are some shots of some Christmas cacti in our house.

A couple of new greeting card subjects! Hey, I had a 12-pack up on the Children's auction that sold today. And the Tannery bridge picture sold yesterday. Feels good to give back.
Ok, gotta go and get a head start on tomorrow's post.
Take care

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