Saturday, December 10, 2011

12-12-09: Wow. I failed. Blew it Bigtime. I suck.

Yup. the truth is out. I can see it in the headlines now. "Emery Swanson is Human. Day 343 is a no-show"
Yup, I'm ashamed to say it's true. I finally missed a blog post in Project 365. Only 22 days to go, and I blew the whole year. Now I have to start all over. NOT!
I can't believe it. I got up this morning and was thinking of the days post, and realized I never published yesterdays. I started, but never got a chance to finish. So, I'm cheating and gonna give myself a waiver. But I'll have to post twice today! So why did I miss yesterday?
Let's see, Pubmania for the children's auction. Dropped off some items for the auction. Saw a friend there who may have an exciting project for me in 2012 (oh boy!), went to work and bustled all day to finish up billing. Then covered Winnisquam HS basketball game. Rushed home to review and send in the shots for the paper. Then had a sec to kiss my lovely wife. Then went over my print orders for the day. By that time it was 12:02am So even if I remembered my blog it would have been too late. Here's a couple of shots from my phone at Pubmania

 I was there during arts and crafts hour. Had to make something with waxy string
Didn't win but got honorable mention. Reminds me of grammer school.

Scene from my stool. I was on my friend John's Bag-O-Loot team.
We raised $3300 for the Children's Auction! Woo hoo!

Busy day today. More cleanup in store for us from the flood. Then head over to the Auction to see the how much $$ was raised at pubmania and take some pics. And hopefully relax tonite. Oh, and get todays post in too!
Off and running

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