Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011-11-10: Oh, That bittersweet!

Sue's been suggesting to me for about a week that I go take a picture of the bittersweet around our neighbor's mailbox. Well, I've been leaving for work in the dark...coming home in the dark....(this is really hurting my tan), or I have just plain forgotten to look once I race out of the driveway. In any event, I did see what she was talking about this morning.

Great idea hon...A nice fall picture...I've been so wrapped up lately with getting ready for the art fair, and covering sports for the paper, that I haven't had time time to notice what's around me...Got to keep that in check. Lucky to have my patient, wonderful, and loving wife!
There. Lunchtime is over...Post is done...
See you tomorrow

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