Friday, November 11, 2011

2011-11-11: Lots of 1's going on there

Hm...Should have planned for this better. 11-11-11. I was thinking of doing a collage of 11's, but time slipped away from me...I've been burning the midnite oil working on the website redesign. Should be done in another week. So while you have a chance, check out the old one at EmerysIsland. Anyway, I woke up this morning trying to come up with some idea for today's post. While I was walking around the house making coffee, feeding the dog, checking the beer inventory for the weekend, it hit me...

11-11-11 A Lovely Fall Scene

I've got about 4 sets of these on standby if you happen to be coming by the house on Sunday to watch the Pats kick the Jet's ass (How's that for positive thinking?)
In computer terms...1's mean true..Or Yes, or Positive...So I'm going to plan on being very positive today..
On another note...Thank you Veteran's and families for all of your courage and sacrifice. God bless.
Have a positively wonderful day

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