Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2011-11-02: Dang, I missed it.

What a beautiful foggy morning. Headed into work this morning bright and early. The fog was just hanging over the docks in Winnisquam at Jay's Marina. So I pulled into a parking lot on the opposite side of the road and snapped away. I must have been in a rush, because they just didn't come out that great. Didn't have my tripod, and it was a bit dark. Anyway, next I tried for awhile to cut across traffic and continue on my merry way, and eventually did it. Then just a bit up the road I looked across the lake and saw the most gorgeous sunrise fighting thru the fog. Gosh it was like the sky was on fire. Now at this point there was nowhere to pull over. Had to drive a bit, cross traffic again, grab my camera and run back. By this time, the fire was all but out. Very disapointed, but here's what I got.

I had to laugh at myself. I was so excited running back, I figured I must look like that knucklehead on YouTube who saw the double rainbow. Anyway, I waited awhile, but the fog won over and I didn't see the sun again. But there's always tomorrow..And I'll be ready...But this time, I'll fake a flat tire and park in the middle of the street.
p.s. If you see me stopped tomorrow on Rt. 3 in Winnisquam, don't bother stopping to help...I'll be moving momentarily. But thanks anyway.

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