Friday, October 28, 2011

2011-10-28: Almost Halloween....Scary stuff happenin'

It's a good thing I'm generally cheerful. I'm crawling along with a messed up laptop. And if that isn't enough to break a man...I wake up this morning to even worse news....SNOW.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shoot me now...I lesser man would have crawled up in a ball and cried...Well, after I clutched my chest and got over the shock, I did get me camera and get out to get some shots...Mind you, it was 5 in the morning so I didn't get anything too exciting. But I did get some shots. And after the sun came up, I had to admit that the ice looked pretty on the trees. Ok...That's enough...It can melt now and warm up...When will spring ever get here?? I mean, last year at this time, I still had 3 weeks of golf left.  Anyway, I thought this message was appropriate on my stairs for this time of year.

Ok, by now you've probably figured out that I don't care for snow. It's gonna be a long winter....
Stay warm

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