Saturday, October 29, 2011

2011-10-29: Storm's a-brewin

We're expecting some more snow tonite (6-12 inches) and all I can think about is that today is just 1 more day closer to spring. Taylor called me yesterday...Poor kid was freezing down in Austin. "How cold is it honey?", I asked..."65", she replied. "I guess I'd better start dressing warmer".. So I looked at the thermometer over the kitchen window that seemed to be mocking me, and telling me that yes it is 30 degrees outside....Taylor...I could smack you ;-p.  But actually, I just need to accentuate the positive, and think about the new opportunities for pictures at this time of the year. Took this the other day in my backyard just before a rainstorm:

Rainstorm? Looks like Armageddon!  Well wanted to get this posted early. Gonna be toolin around Maine for the day...At least till the storm hits.
Drive Safe

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