Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011-10-27: #$*%@!#

Got home from a shooting assignment last night and booted up the laptop to start reviewing my pics. And was greeted by a friendly start up message: "You Hard Disk is in immenent danger of failing. Back up your drive immediately." Oh crap. Luckily I back up all my pictures and important things to 2 external hard drives, but it's such a drag when you wonder "Ok what about all of my emails, programs, and music, etc." What a drag. So I spent the next couple of hours doing that, all the while reviewing my shots. I did get those out in time for the deadline so that is good. But what about today? I ran some diagnostics, and will have to call HP later for support. I think I've only had it for 11 months so hopefully it's covered. Oh yeah-Got it at Walmart's black Friday sale last year..Anyway, it comes to a point where you say...6 hours on the phone with support, or just go buy a new one. Which is the lesser of 2 evils? Well I'll try to call at lunch today and hope they can give me some good news. In the meantime,

I'm  'd.

Groan. Stupid computers.....Even though they have given me a career, they still suck...
Wish me luck
p.s. I can't stress enough the importance of external backups...

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