Monday, August 22, 2011

2011-08-22: It's Official!

Went to Concord today to get my trade name taken care of. And it's official! Emery Swanson Photography is now a registered NH business. So here is a shot of the state house where I had to go (ok ok. So I had to go to an office across the street. But, I got it done finally and here's the state house.

And Taylor and Jeremy went to Laconia City Hall to get their marriage license. And that's squared away. But the government was working today for the Swanson's.
5 days till the wedding!
What else did I do today?...Went up Borders and bought a couple of photography books. 60% off. Also bought a carousel that I can display my pictures and cards on. One of their fixtures that they are selling off. Such a bummer about them going out of business. I felt depressed when I left the store.
Anyway, I went to the driving range after and my back feels good. That cheered me up. Haven't played all month. T-Time at 7am tomorrow!
Vacation continues!...Don't go back til Sept 1st. Think I'll go grab a beer and check out the new books.
Have a good one

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