Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011-08-11: Ruby

We had this bright idea to put our hummingbird feeders right outside our living room window. Doing! Why we didn't think of that before, I'll never know. And right away, we had customers. Here's a Ruby Throated one.

I got this one while I was on the heating pad nursing my aching back the other day. Would have tried for a better shot, but the window was over my left shoulder and it hurt too much to turn. Yesterday I was feeling a bit better, and when I got home from work, Sue said that there was one hummingbird that was back and forth between the tree and feeder all afternoon. Kind of protecting it and keeping other ones away. Apparently they are territorial. So I went  out to the car to get my tripod and camera. And you guessed it....he flew off for the night...Sat there for quite awhile and never saw him again. Figures.

In other news, we were off on a special assignment last night and needed some nice weather...Of course, as soon as we got where we were going, the clouds opened up and it was like a monsoon. Will try again tonite!

Taylor comes home in 9 days! Wedding in 16! Woo hoo!

All right-going out for a early morning walk to stretch out the ol' back.

See you here tomorrow?

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