Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011-08-20: Saturday in the Park - Chicago!

Ah! It's a beautiful day here in Gilford, NH! The sun is shining,my back feels good,  the birds are singing, Sue is baking cookies, Taylor and Jeremy are coming back from Philly, and Sue and I are headed over to Meadowbrook Farm tonite for the Chicago concert! Nice when the bands come to your town to see
Other than a couple of errands to run, it should be a relaxing day! Speaking of relaxing, here are a few comfy looking chairs I saw in Meredith the other night by Mill Falls. Hmmm...This might just be another project I'll need to try sometime.

Hey! I now have one item for my scavenger hunt this month - 'Similar Items'. I'd better get crackin. 9 more things to do.
Hey, Have a wicked awesome day!


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