Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011-06-29: Maybe if you squint....

I warned you at the beginning of the Philly series, that I was messing around with some purposely out of focus shots of the Ben Franklin Bridge.. So here it is. Kind of artsy I think...I was having a good time taking shots of the bridge and water like this. Sometimes ya just gotta amuse yourself...Hope you don't get a headache looking at it....

BF Bridge and Race St. Pier

Well it's nearing the end of June, and that will be a completion of 6 months of Project 365. Woo hoo!. My orders from the Art show are fullfilled and geting delivered today. And it's time to think about a new theme...Probably something to do with the 4th...And we're going camping this weekend, so sticks and woods and samoas and fireworks will probably come into the mix. We'll see.

Stay tuned

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