Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011-06-30: 6 Months Down!

A-ha! I made it thru 6 months of this grueling Project 365....6 to go.
Over the last week, I've shown a lot of shots of Philly and hope you didn't get the wrong idea. Some were old buildings and alleys, but that isn't all that is there. There are new skyscrapers and beautiful old buldings. I really could just walk and look around there for days. But I can't imagine when I'll be back. Have to visit Austin next. Anyway, here are some of the buildings in Philly.

Can't tell you what any of these are, so don't ask..They were taken around the Rittenhouse area of Philly. Maybe near Chestnut and Market St.
One more day of Philly and then I'll have to do a speed Post, since I'm going camping for the weekend and will NOT bring my laptop. (But I will bring my camera!)

See ya

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