Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011-06-25: Ya see the strangest things...

I really enjoyed my early morning walk last Saturday in Philly. It was nice being able to just head out of the hotel and see some new sights. I know back home it seems like there is never anything interesting to see. Guess I'm just used to it. Anyway, I was admiring the shops and buildings and alleys, and turned the corner and had to laugh....

Watch your step

It was early and I wanted to use my new flash. I thought it would look pretty cool. Turns out that one of the 4 brand new Duracells leaked. So no flash. But I think it came out pretty good anyway. And someone's clever art made me smile.
And speaking of art...I'm at the Tanger Outlets Arts and Craft fair today in Tilton. Hope my photos can make LOTS of people smile...And spend $$!

Have an awesome day!

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