Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011-03-27: Another Lazy Day

Another lazy day for me, keeping the couch from floating away. I don't deal well with this sitting around crap, but I really can't walk around too much without my knee killing. Hope I can get in for an MRI this week and see that is going on. Anyway, sat here and read and worked on the website and watched TV. Was looking out the window for something interesting to take a picture of, but it was too cold and the wind was blowing too hard. Not a bird in sight. So I used Bella for another shot. She just turned 2 yesterday...Here's the birthday girl...

A Quiet Contemplative Moment

Aperture: F/5.6; Exposure: 1/40s; ISO-200

Well, back to work tomorrow. Can't miss another day. Too much to do..
Hope your weekend was more exciting than mine.


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