Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011-03-08: Not my Stuff

I always joke with my wife that my junk is confined to a little workshop (ok, and the garage, and the playroom, yada yada yada...I get it) and her stuff takes over the WHOLE REST OF THE HOUSE! With her little trinkets and decorations and do dads and what-nots. But I hope she knows that I am really just joking. I was sitting on the couch last night working, long after Sue had gone to bed. (poor kid threw her back out Sunday). And I was looking around the room for something to take a picture of and I just started to admire her latest decoration. A milk bottle and some fake berries. I thought it looked really nice, and wanted her to know that I appreciate all that she does to make our house a home.

Milk and Berries

Aperture: F/6.3; Exposure: 1/13s ; ISO-1600; taken 3/8 12:12am
(Look at me! Hiking it way up to 1600)

As she says, this type of stuff is not hers, it's ours. And I get it. It helps make our home cozy and relaxing.
Thanks for all you do sweetheart. Hope you feel better soon...
Love you!

p.s. We really need a bigger house...I'm running out of room for my junk...

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