Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011-03-09: Waterfalls at the Mill

I know I've been really busy lately. And I find that the more I try to just get something posted for Project 365, that I am not spending time actually concentrating on my pictures. And I guess that frustrates me a bit. Or maybe it is just that I am tired of this winter and the snow, and want to start taking pictures of something in the warm sunshine.  I know. Spring is coming. So I'll try to chillax and quitmybellyachin.
Alright, back to some actual art. This was taken last month in Laconia, behind the mill on the Winnepesaukee River. A nice peacful waterfall. Framed thru a wrought-iron fence, and a bridge.  It was freezing that day, but something about waterfalls always mesmerizes me. Exposure is slowed down to 1/3s so make the water appear smooth and glass-like.

Caged Waterfall

Aperture: F/25; Exposure: 1/3s; ISO-100; Taken 2/13 2:41pm

Tomorrow I'll give you another view of this waterfall from a different pespective.

C'mon spring!


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