Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365: 1-20-11: Snow Bird

It was snowing all day...Didn't think it would ever stop..And while I was sitting at the dining room table working, I noticed this little guy. Perched safely on a pine tree branch about 50ft from my window. Noticed him darting at the bird feeder trying to get a few morsals, and trying to avoid the snowflakes. I grabbed my camera and telephoto lens. Mounted it on the tripod with the remote. I followed this bird until he finally settled down on a branch. And he stayed long enough to catch him. Wonder what the little knot head was thinking. Probably the same thing I was.. "When will the snow stop!!"

Weathering the Storm

Aperture: F/14; Exposure: 1/2s; ISO-100 ;
Taken: 1/12/11 3:28pm w/Telephoto Lens

Any idea what kind of bird this is?


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