Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365: 1-19-11: Got Snow?

So did you enjoy yesterday's lesson about the golden spiral?

Today, just a simple image of the evergreen in front of my house covered during last weeks snowstorm. We got about 18 inches last week and I was FORCED to stay home and work. Yeah, twist my arm. Worked at the dining room table and was distracted looking by the beauty of the snow. Made me happy to live here in New Hampshire. So, I grabbed my camera and shot this through the window, from the warmth of my house.

Then I got the snow blower going and plowed my driveway for 2 hours and cursed the fact that I live in New Hampshire. Funny how quickly my feelings changed. :-)

Evergreen in Winter

Aperture:F/8; Exposure: 1/6s; ISO-100. Taken 1/12/11 at 9:13am

Stay Warm My friends

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