Friday, November 5, 2010

Before and After - Japanese Maple

Yay, my truck is out of the shop. Let's knock on wood.

So what's new...I've been taking a night class in Digital Photography..Enjoying that. Had class tonite, and one more class to go.

It's my busy time of the month. Billing time, so I'll be doing an all nighter Friday night. And somehow squeezing in participating in a commercial that a friend is doing for a game he developed. I'll be glad when this week is behind me.

Anyway, gotta get some shut-eye and I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog later. So here are the pictures I meant to post before my truck died.

This is a picture of a Japanese Maple in my yard. In the morning, the tree was full with leaves, although covered in frost.

In the afternoon, the leaves were all on the ground. A nice red blanket. What a difference a day makes. But a beautiful tree for sure.

Japanese Maple - Morning

Japanese Maple - Afternoon

Speaking of leaves on the ground...any takers for helping me rake? Didn't think so... you've all got your own. Well if work has me too busy to post the next couple of days, have yourself an awesome weekend. And stay thirsty my friends...


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