Thursday, November 4, 2010

@#$%^&*()! Vehicles Suck

Well I planned on posting a nice fall scene, but I'm posting something that I am seeing too much of lately. Second time in 2 weeks that my truck died. The alternator this time. $%@#^@~!

On my way to work this morning, after just getting a new engine put in 2 days ago... The dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. Engine light, ABS light, Brake light, Airbag light, nite light....You name it. Oh man.

So, luckily I had AAA. Got the sumbitch towed back into town and it is now getting a new alternator. But my motto is Life is Good. So my buddy said I need a bumper sticker..."Cars Suck, but Life is Good". Ain't it the truth?

Anyway, here is my Shot of the Day.

Hoods Up
rrow is gas.
Let's hope that the only truck expense I have tomorrow is gas.
pray for me...

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