Monday, October 28, 2013

P52 Week 42: Sign Sign, Everywhere a Sign

One downfall of living so close to work, is that you can get lazy and sleep late every day. And when I say late, I mean like 7. Don't really have any convenient golf courses around, so I'm not getting as much exercise as I'd like. I've been thinking I've got to get back to the gym to work off or make room for some more beer...And that means getting up early...Ug...I'm a night owl, so that's not my idea of fun.
To train myself to get up early for the gym, I've been setting my alarm earlier and earlier every day, and going out for a long walks before work. Darn! It's getting cold at 6 am lately. I recorded 28 the other day.

What the heck? Guess I didn't move far enough south. I feel like I got Punk'd!
Regardless, I'm building up my early morning stamina, waking up before the alarm, and giving the 'Map My Walk' app some use. And of course, I rarely go out without my camera. Not too much to see though, at 6 am. It's not only cold, it's also dark. But there are lots of signs, so that's the subject this week: Cranking up the ISO and shooting a few signs from my neighborhood.

Our personal fav!
(Chika-Chika Boom-Boom with Jalepeno Dip)

Perry's Antiques and Estate sales - Just liked the sign

Lots of Sushi Bars around. 

Not my apartment - Hoidy Toidy Place.
(My Balcony is bigger than yours is)

Roosters Grille- Haven't been there yet, but will soon.

ABC Spirits. Been there..And can spell it easily

Awesome grocery store across the street
(Although I still dislike grocery shopping 
One of our Favs...
Awesome Burgers..Awesome Sushi
Get it? CowFish? Clever!

New Sushi Bar across the Road
(Gotta get there soon)
Haven't been. Liked the Moon
Across the street Go here often
Won't be going here
Cool name for a Coffee Shop
Been there? No, but I may have posed for the sign
I like self-explanatory signs
Can sometimes get a great deal on food here,
but too natural for my liking...
I feel out of place here
Sun up now, and another fav...Had to show it.

So if you're ever looking for me, and I'm not at work, or out exploring, I could be at one of these spots around town. And now I've got back to my company...We had a surprise visit yesterday (Well Sue had a Surprise) from one of my biggest fans...My Sister-in-law Terry and brother-in-Law Ron. Came all the way from Michigan and walked in on Sue and I at Pacos. We love company! So come on Down! Give me a sign!

Terry, Sue, Ron

Till next week, Have an awesome week

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  1. the captions made me lol (laugh out loud) we need to come back to enjoy some more of your favs............... xoo