Monday, October 21, 2013

P52 Week 41: Ups & Downs?

It was a week of ups and downs. Mostly ups. Didn't have too much photography time this week though…
Sue came back from vacation in Michigan. So, now I’m back to getting my kisses and reminders of “Got your phone…Keys…Wallet... Zipper up…etc?” It helps having someone remember the little important things for me…YAY! 
My good buddy John from NH, came down for the Sql PASS seminar, so we got to hang out on the weekend. Went uptown and found a great place for Beer and Wings. No, not Buffalo Wild Wings…But ‘Wild Wings’  Must be the less expensive BWW…Now I have a new favorite Wing place.
He and I got out and played some golf on Sunday. That was great.

The Most Interesting Guy in the World...
Lining up my next Shot

Followed by an UNBELIEVABLE Pats game. Followed by an UNBELIEVABLE SOX game.
Good week of work for me. Although I was DRAGGING a couple of days thanks to the baseball games.
Receiving the Coveted OSML golf Trophy back from John
Saturday, I spent the day in a SQL seminar myself. Wasn't looking forward to spending a Saturday in lectures, but it really got my heart pounding again for Business Intelligence. Love it!
That was followed by The Sox winning the ALCS on Saturday night in outstanding fashion! On to the World Series! Gotta get some rest before the games start on Wednesday…Gonna be some late nights.
And all those ups my friends, were followed by the Pats losing to the Lowly Jets on Sunday..Some stupid new rule cost us the game….
Stupid Rule....
Funny how 1 game can spoil the whole week. But I’m glad I typed this all up…Reminded me that this week was mostly AWESOME….

So did I take any real pictures this week? Yeah, a few. I've made an arrangement to get up on the roof of my office building so I can get some shots of the area. In exchange for that, the owners asked for some pics of their property.  I’ll want to get up on the roof when the leaves start changing.  Before that happens, I've started to work on my side of the bargain.

Here's some shots of my office and around the Piedmont Row area.
My office, 6060 Piedmont Row

6060 Piedmont Row

6060 Piedmont Early in the Morning
6115 Royal Crest
6115 and 6060 (back)

5970 Piedmont Row
6000 Fairview Rd
(around the corner from my office)

6100 Fairview Rd.
6100 Fairview Fountain
(in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness)
Be Aware
Here's to a great week! More Ups to come!
Bottoms up



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  1. love the pictures of Fairview street glad u had mostly ups!!