Monday, February 18, 2013

P52 Week 7 - Fish

Ok gang, this week's assignment came from my Sister in Law, Terry. She thought she'd stump me by suggesting FISH in the middle of winter. Not so fast Terry, I win again...
So I thought I'd be clever and go to the grocery store. I asked the fish monger there, if I could photograph her wares. She chuckled and said I could. And here you go. Salmon? Smelts? Not sure. I was in too much of a rush to get out of there to find out what these were...Note to self: Write these details down.....

So, I'm already in the store with my camera and thought I'd be even more clever..But there were too many people around giving me a suspicious eye, so I just bought these and brought them home.

Didn't taste too bad...Ok, they were good!
Next up, Sue said I should stop by her office and take some pics of some real goldfish.

Cute little suckers. Though not quite as tasty.
Not wanting to call it quits, I went thru the archives, and found this from last year's fishing derby in Meredith.

 And this from a blog post last year. Remember it from the 'Through the eyes of..." series? Here's my son Jordan and "Through the eyes of a dead pet fish...."

And while I was out and about last week in Manchester, I remembered the BIG the Amoskeag Bridge. The salmon and Lampreys (Yuck) will be jumping up the ladders in another couple of months. Maybe I'll go back and check it out.

And for your viewing pleasure, here I am at age 25 (a couple of years ago) with the biggest fish I ever caught. A 15 pound,  32 inch cod. Got this off of Marblehead, Mass, while I was deep see fishing with some buddies from Wentworth Institute. Going to have to get out this summer and deep sea fish again...Been a LOOONGGG time.

And lastly, here is a shot my daughter Ashley took of me, out on our pontoon boat on Late Winnisquam about 6 years ago. I'm working up a major sweat, and enjoying the day, as you know I know how to do.

Well it was a busy weekend. It was nice to have that extra day off (Thanks to George and Abe). Sue and I painted the living room ceiling (3 gallons of paint), and I went to the Ice races in Moultonboro with Jordan, and then took a drive around the lake, and hiked up Lockes Hill with him. A great hike on a 20 degree day. And now my post is done. And I'm bushed. 
Who will be the first with my next assignment? Ready...Set...Go!

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