Sunday, February 10, 2013

P52 Week 6 - BobHouses

This weeks assignment was recommended by Lori P. Lori suggested Bob Houses, or Ice activities.
I was only able to get out one morning this week in pursuit of my shot. This shot was taken on Big Winnisquam, and as always, I'm not welcome...Didn't know the lake was private property. Guess we have a bunch of squatters out in those bob houses.

This shot was taken on Friday, and it would have been a great weekend to go get some more shots. They held the Great Winnipesaukee Ice Fishing Derby in Meredith this weekend. Unfortunately, we had out first big storm of the year, and had 2 feet of snow dumped on us. Oh yay. :-(  There was no going anywhere. And when we were able to exit the house, it was to shovel and snow plow the driveway....Have I mentioned before in past posts how much I'm tired of snow?

So I'm going to post some shots from last year's Winnie Derby when I was freelancing for the Laconia Citizen. I had so much fun doing that job. Covering sports and community events was a blast. Anyway, this time last year, I was on the ice in Meredith. I met some really great people. Here's some pics from that day.

The Big board, before the start of the derby...

Beautiful morning in Meredith
Can you see how thin this ice is?????

Pure madness! That's water right over there....

Alright...How and I gonna get out there?

Still can't figure how you can have a fire on the ice...Hmm?

4 inch thick ice. YIKES!

The Mount Washington, in Center Harbor

Had to stop freelancing due to time constraints with my main job. But who knows? Maybe I'll get the opportunity to do it again someday.

What's up for next week? I think Terry's wanted FISH....After that, I'll be looking for some ideas. So let me know!

Stay warm my friends!

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