Monday, January 7, 2013

Project 52-Week 1 Stained Glass

Happy 2013!
Well I was going to do a Project 365 this year so I could get back to blogging, but both my manager and my agent said, "Are you Nuts?" Yeah, I do recall doing that a year ago and it was a wicked commitment. I almost forgot...Luckily I heeded their advice, and decided to do a Project 52...One post a week isn't so bad, right? WRONG!
Turns out that one of my Christmas gifts this year was the flu. Yes the one that is infecting the whole country. I've been coughing and my head has wanted to explode for 2 weeks now. Although I did have 3 days where I thought I was better,  some all-nighters at work knocked me back on my A**. I've had zero energy, and have not even felt like picking up my camera..But, I did commit myself to this P52, so here goes.
I asked my sister-in-law Terry (one of my biggest blog fans) for a category for week one. She said "Stained Glass". In my mind I had all these ideas of looking around town for some interesting windows, but was too sick and had no desire to go out. So I'm going to cheat....Here's your Stained Glass Terry:

I've been loading up on OJ and fluids, so here's a glass of OJ with a Photoshop stained glass effect... Sorry. not what you were expecting..

I'm sure Terry got the idea for Stained Glass from her son Justin's wedding on New Years Eve. Coincidentally, it was at St. Theresa's Church in Methuen: Maybe this is more what she had in mind:

It was a beautiful church and a beautiful wedding. Should have taken more pics, but it really needed flash, and I didn't want to be one of those pesky uncles who takes tons of pictures and disrupts the proceedings. Leave the work to the hired photographer.

But I did get this shot of Justin and Heather. Good luck guys! Love ya!

And there you go Terry and all. Week one done...
Who has an idea for week 2? Shoot me a message!
If I can get by butt off the couch, I'll get to work on it.
Stay healthy my friends



  1. Hope your on the mend again soon!! You need to get outside and take some winter scene's for next year's cards :) Love you!

  2. great job on week one i am glad you are back!!! week 2 icles