Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 52 - Week 2 - Icicles

First off - Who's got my assignment for next week? C'mon! Hit me!

For Week2, again my sister-in-law Terry was first to issue me a challenge She gave me 'Icicles' as my homework. Thought it would be a breeze...Again, not so much...Started off the week with a relapse of the flu from working some all-nighters last weekend. So I couldn't get out and about. But luckily I got back to work on Wednesday. Felt the best I've felt since Christmas! Ya-Hoo!
I took it easy and just stayed at work on Wednesday, but felt good enough on Thursday to go out at lunch in search of some frozen drippage. It was about 48 degrees up here in Manchester! Couldn't find ice anywhere! Decided to go under my favorite bridge in Manchester. The Joker's Lair, I call it. Figured there would be some ice coming out of the storm drain...Nope...Too warm and the water was running.

Looked up and down the Merrimack river, and just saw blue skies and flowing water:

Anyway, day 1 of my search was a bust. Great scenery, and just happy be out in the fresh air shooting and feeling better-but no icicles.
Friday, I carpooled to work and didn't have my car to go hunting...And nothing to be found around my office building...So, no shots then.
Saturday, was another warm day. Looked out at my gutters where we usually have 6 foot icicles..Nope. Just this little guy which I took with my phone...

Go on...Squint and you might be able to see it up the top. Gosh! It's winter in NH for crying out loud. Shouldn't be this hard!
Later, Sue and I drove to Alton Bay to do some shopping (for her Birthday!), and along the way, I finally saw what I needed: Rock walls with ice! So I continued on to the jewelry store, and patiently did my husbandly duties, and bought Sue some bracelets. On the way back home, I safely parked the car in a rest area. "Oh Oh", she said..."Should have brought my knitting".. Eh, this wouldn't take too long (I don't think). I hopped out of the car... Ran across the highway....and snapped these:


(What were you thinking I was going to do?) ;-)
So, week 2 mission accomplished!

As a bonus, here are some shots I took last January along the Winnepesaukee River in Franklin NH:

So a really good weekend. Finally feeling better. Out with my honey, feeling well enough to shoot some pics,  and then lots of football to watch. GO PATS!!!!

Have a great week gang.


PS. Did I mention GO PATS!!!!

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  1. amazing as usual did i tell u i am gald u are BACK!!!