Monday, December 26, 2011

2011-12-26: A great day

Had a great day yesterday. Started off kind of slow, but turned out wonderful. Slow because the kids are scattered and have lots of people to visit. (And one is scattered down to Texas), but that's what happens when you grow up. Everyone has to do that, and we try our best not to put pressure on the kids to be at our place at a certain time. Of course, that makes for a lot of down time wondering when they are coming. But it makes up for it when they do get here. Was worth the wait seeing their expressions when they opened their gifts.

And thanks to the wonderful iPhone, we had lots of facetime with Taylor down in Texas. Miss her bad and can't wait to go visit her.
I didn't get too many pics yesterday, but these smiles did it for me! Great memories!
And now I'm off to do a portrait shoot for a client and her family in Gilford. I hope to get some great smiles and make some happy memories for them!
See you tomorrow!

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