Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011-12-24: Merry Christmas from Bella

Ok, was on my way to bed Friday night when I realized *Doing!* I don't have a post for Saturday. I plan on sleeping late (Well that's my plan...we'll see how well it works out), so I figured I'd better get my post ready to keep the wolves at bay. Anyway, I looked around the room trying to find something noteworthy. I saw the tree. Stocking..Sleeping dog...*POW!* That's it...I decided to put the 3 together and came up with this....Merry Christmas from Bella!

Well, our shopping is done! Just have to do some wrapping tomorrow. Watch the Pats game (yes on Saturday), then out for dinner to Fratellos' with the old folks.
Have a wonderful day!

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