Monday, December 19, 2011

2011-12-19: Oh give me a home...

Had a neat day yesterday. Went to my father-in-law's buffalo farm in Gilford with my niece(Olivia) and mom. It was c-c-c-old for sure. In the teens which was nasty, but really, not bad for Dec 18th. I better not complain. I asked my father-in-law why they raise buffalo, and he answered 'It's American!'. Can't argue there. Here's some shots from the farm.


 Who Goes there?

 Brown Eyes

Liv and Auntie Sue

Took the day off today for some more visiting with my family. My editor has been getting after me for my tardiness with my posts, so I apologize to my fans who have been waiting. ;-)
See you tomorrow

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