Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011-11-06: Football

Busy weekend.  Got up this morning at 6:30...Which I was reminded later was only 5:30. Argh!!! Finished up billing, then went out and raked for 3 hours. Followed by watching the Pats game with Sue, Jordan, Shelbie, and the in-laws. What a lousy game. Pats lost to the Giants.. At least I saw a good football game yesterday. I covered the Inter-Lakes/Newport game. Inter-Lakes won 22-8. And hey! I found out from the Citizen that I can not only post any pictures I take for them, but I can sell them too. Not that I have any need to sell them, but at least I can post them on my blog. So here is a pretty cool shot from the game.

Anyway, I've got a really busy month coming up. I've got an Art Fair at Gilford HS on Dec 3rd. But before that, I need to finish my website and get the shopping cart completed so I'll be ready. And I need to do an inventory and make sure I've got enough pictures ready for the fair.
Hope you had a great weekend. Perfect weather! Talk tomorrow

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