Friday, November 4, 2011

2011-11-04: Clean as a Whistle!

Ya-hoo! Dropped my camera off at Concord Camera yesterday, and was assured by a guy named Harper that they could clean up my camera sensor. Picked it up a few hours later after my meeting in Manchester and *Voila*!  No more annoying black marks! Sweet! Ok, it cost my 39.95 (not the $20 someone told me about), but that's ok. I've had these black marks on my images for a long time and no amount of blowing them out could solve the problem. Not sure what Harper did, but he said they offered a class for $200 (including equipment) to do it myself.  I'll hold off on that for now. $40/year on maintenance did the trick for me for now. Anyway, here is a nice boring clean shot of the sky. If you see any spots, they are on your monitor.

And so I don't totally bore you, here's a pic of an Oak leaf that I stuck in the side of a tree up in Maine. With Indian Head lake serving as a background.

Trust me....Lots of black marks were photoshopped off this image. Probably didn't even get them all.
Ok, back in business. Now what's up for the weekend? Billing time...All-nighters. I have to clean out the garage so I can get my car in before the next snow storm. And I might have an assignment. Hopefully I won't as billing will take up most of the weekend. But, I gots to do what I gots to do.
In between all that, I'm working on getting my website over to Smug Mug. I want that done before the next art fair on Dec 3rd. Tick Tick Tick. Times a-wastin...Have a good one

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